Norbertine abbeys unveil their own product logo.

Following the example of the #trappistenbier with the logo of the Authentic Trappist Product (International Trappist Association), the #norbertijnen (Abbaye Des Premontres) are starting to implement the Authentic #norbertine Product logo for the marketing of products such as #beer, #cheese, bread, hosts, chasubles, etc. The initiative was taken at the end of October last year at the meeting of all the Norbertine communities in Rome

“The magnificent blue and yellow logo of the Norbertine Order has been patented for use in Europe and the UK. In the meantime, the Authentic Norbertine Product association has obtained legal personality and the logo can gradually be introduced,” says Karel Stautemas, father-brewer at Grimbergen Abbey and initiator of the project “In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of infringements and abusive references to the Norbertine order. For example, the German brewery Allgäuer Brauhaus is bringing out a ‘Norbertus Kardinal’ beer, Les Brasseurs de Lorraine are marketing a ‘Abbaye de Prémontrés’ beer and Radeberger Pilsner is launching a ‘Hugues de Fosses Norbertine Style Abbey Beer’ in Italy without any consultation on the subject. That’s why we decided to create an ‘Authentic Norbertine Product’ logo, following the example of the ‘Authentic Trappist Product’ logo The logo can be used for all products produced under the supervision of the #norbertijnerabbeys or for which they receive royalties. Unlike the Trappist logo, there is no specification that these products must be made exclusively within the abbey walls.”

Grimbergen, Tongerlo, Leffe, Park Abbey and Averbode Abbey Beer

Grimbergen, Averbode and Park currently have their own breweries on the abbey site In Belgium, abbey beers from Grimbergen, Tongerlo, Postel, Leffe, Park Abbey and Averbode Abbey Beer already have the right to display the logo. Verwacht wordt dat zij het nieuwe logo geleidelijk gaan invoeren van zodra nieuw verpakkingsmateriaal (etiketten, broodzakken, enz.) wordt besteld. It is likely that these abbeys will do away with the “Erkend Belgisch Abdijbier” (Recognised Belgian Abbey Beers) logo, which is largely unknown to the public, and replace it with the new Norbertin logo. The combined production of Trappist beers is estimated at 600,000 hl, while Leffe and Grimbergen alone brew more than 2,000,000 hl of beer.

Foreign orders of the Norbertines

Abroad, the logo will appear on the wines of the Norbertine sisters of Oisterwijk (Netherlands), the beer of Stift Schlägl (Austria) and the liqueur of the Abbey of Saint-Michel de Frigolet (France), among others Beers from the Strahov monastery, near Prague, could also be eligible. A full list of Norbertine products eligible for the logo is currently being compiled.

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