Introducing the Verderair HC-PURE: The Perfect Hygienic Double Diaphragm Pump!

Verder Liquids, a leading provider of innovative pumping solutions, is proud to unveil the Verderair HC-PURE series, a line of hygienic double diaphragm pumps for handling hygienic applications. Engineered for optimal cleanability and uncompromising durability, the HC-PURE pump sets a new standard.  

Highest Hygienic Design Principles

The Verderair HC-PURE pump is meticulously crafted from SS 316L, meeting the highest hygienic design standards, complying with EC-1935/2004 and FDA regulations. Its electropolished surfaces minimize bacteria traps and contamination risks while enhancing corrosion resistance. With easy maintenance and extended lifespan, downtime in the production process is significantly reduced.  
Key Features that Set the Verderair HC-PURE Apart:

  • Electropolished SS 316L for exceptional cleanability
  • Solid machined centre block made from PE/Polyamide
  • Rotatable stand for quick draining and servicing
  • Single-piece manifolds with smooth corners
  • PTFE/EPDM overmolded diaphragms for longer lifetime
  • Manifold clamps for effortless disassembly
  • Maintenance-free air valve ensuring reliability

Industries and Applications

Verderair HC-PURE pumps are designed for various industries, handling a wide range of low and highly viscous fluids. They are ideal for applications in the beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, dairy, food, and brewery/winery sectors.

With the Verderair HC-PURE, Verder once again demonstrates its commitment to delivering innovative pumping solutions that elevate hygienic processes to new levels. 

Watch the video for all the key features and benefits of the Verderair HC-PURE in a glance:

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