Free online-Seminar „Emulsions, dispersions and scale-up irritations”

„Emulsions, dispersions and scale-up irritations – Batch or inline, that is the question.“, is de titel van de nieuwste lezing in de populaire online seminarreeks van Dr Hans-Joachim Jacob op 24 juni in het engels.

Small batch dispersers are mostly used in the laboratory. However, inline dispersers are almost exclusively found in industrial fabrication. What are the differences and the possibilities of both principles? How is up-scaling performed? Is it even possible to compare the results? To answer that up front – no, you cannot!

First of all, it is certainly the case that emulsifiers do not emulsify anything and dispersants do not disperse anything at all. The droplet sizes and particle size distributions have to be generated by purely mechanical means. Emulsifiers and dispersants only stabilise them.

There are different mechanical methods for dispersing and emulsifying. Our machines are based on the principle of the toothed rotor-stator disperser. We will give you a detailed explanation of the special features and possibilities of this technology,

and also the differences between the other dispersing and emulsifying methods. But we will present the principle of phase inversion in the production of micro or nano emulsions as well.

You may not even recognise any differences between the many similar-looking toothed rotor-stator dispersing machines you might find on the internet. That is why we want to highlight exactly which details make the difference.

We would also like to draw your attention to the important differences between batch laboratory tests and in-line industrial machines. How should laboratory tests be done in order to be able to upscale them properly? It’s very simple, but that’s where too many things are still being done wrong.

We will present these correlations to you in in the online seminar by ystral process and application engineer Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob on June 24th.

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